Identity Theft

If someone gets hold of your personal identifying information, such as your Social Security, Medicare or bank account numbers, and uses it without your permission, you have become a victim of identity theft. This is a serious crime and wreaks havoc with your credit, possibly your finances and even your reputation. It can take considerable time and effort to resolve, and can also be very costly.  Upon discovering identity theft, you should immediately contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency.  The FTC will guide you in repairing the damage that identity theft can cause.

Visit to file a report and get started with a recovery plan.  The following are numbers for the FTC and Credit Bureaus which you should also contact immediately to report identity theft:

 Federal Trade Commission (FTC),
(877) 438-4338
(202) 326-2502 (TDD) 

Credit Reporting Bureaus:

(800) 685-1111—For Credit Reports
(800) 525-6285 – To Report Fraud
(800) 255-0056— To Report Fraud—(TDD)

(888)-397-3742 – For Credit Reports
(888)397-3742  –  To Report Fraud
(800) 972-0322  – To Report Fraud –(TDD)

(800) 916-8800—For Credit Reports
(800) 680-7289—To Report Fraud
(877) 553-7803— To Report Fraud—(TDD)

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