Volunteers in Action

Empowering Seniors to Prevent Healthcare Errors, Fraud and Abuse. Become a volunteer with the Massachusetts SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol) Program.
We invite you to join a team of trained volunteers to counsel and mentor elder consumers to become actively engaged in their healthcare.  Become a volunteer and make a significant contribution in ensuring access to quality care and helping a fellow citizen to navigate the complexities of the healthcare payment system. We encourage you to take a stance.

Together we can make a difference!

How you can help:

  • Act as ambassador for the MA SMP Program
  • Become a trained and certified SMP counselor to assist with the delivery of the SMP Program message and the dissemination of SMP Program brochures, Healthcare Journals and other promotional items
  • Identify and cultivate potential relationships that could assist the MA SMP Program broaden its reach and visibility
  • Identify community events and other outreach opportunities for the MA SMP Program to conduct informational and educational forums on the SMP Program message:  “How to Prevent Healthcare Errors, Fraud and Abuse”
  • Respond to or refer inquiries about Healthcare Errors, Fraud and Abuse to the MA SMP Program Office
  • Identify deceptive marketing tactics, scams, abuse and fraud and make appropriate referrals
  • Track the progress and status of SMP Program referrals
  • Attend quarterly MA SMP Program’s Joint Meeting of the SMP Grantees and Advisory Committee and participate in periodic SMP Program Conference Calls
  • Utilize your administrative office and computer skills

Click here for current volunteer opportunities.

Click here for Volunteer Application

For more information please contact the MA SMP Program staff by calling 800-892-0890

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